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China Driver Atlas
On this web page you can download one of the better maps sets of Tibet and the area immediately surround Tibet.

One of the common problems faced by independent travelers in Tibet is finding reliable detailed maps. Since 1992, I have travel over 13,000 km / 8000 miles by bicycle and 5000 km / 3000 miles by truck, bus and car in Tibet and the surrounding region. During those travels detailed maps of these remote regions were essential.

If you are planning a trip to Tibet in which you will be either traveling by bicycle, hitchhiking or traveling in remote regions you will find these maps helpful.

These maps are taken from a Chinese publication called "China Driver Atlas". They are generally used by Chinese truck drivers. The front cover of this book of maps is shown to the right. It is generally available throughout China. This books actually contains maps covering all of China but only the maps of the greater Tibet area are given on this web page.

Because many of the Chinese characters are so small you really need to print out the maps to be able to read them. It would be best to print each maps on a full size (either A4 or US letter) sheet of page.

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