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The Endless Sky Trip -- Cycling the Himalaya cycling in western Tibet

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50 miles East of Mt Kailash, Western Tibet

July 5th 1998
50 miles East of Mt Kailash, Western Tibet.

After a couple of days rest at the foot of Mt Kailash we set off on the 3 day, 30 mile circuit around the mountain. We were joined on this foot path by both Tibetan and Indian pilgrims. The group of 25 upper class Indians seemed a bit out of place. Kailash is a real mixing ground for Tibetans. Some come to do business, selling food and clothing, and some come to make prostrations around the mountain. A process that requires about 2 weeks of intense physical effort, that often makes our bike trip look quite easy. The prostrators travel up and down rock covered slopes, over streams, and across snow fields. As I walked pass some of the tireless prostrators I offered them small brown blessed pills called "mani ribu". These pills come from the 14th Dalai Lama, who lives in exile in North India. Often a beautiful smile would come to the pilgrims face when I slowly opened up the folded paper containing the pills. From Kailash we are now making our last big push. Kathmandu is only about 20 riding days from here. Thai food & chocolate brownie sundaes await us.

- Ray

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