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Returning to Asia

You might have guessed that I would be returning to Asia. Well, I must admit that I have been missing the filth, chaos, and magic of Asia. There is something about that swirling mix of peoples, languages and cultures that draws me.

During the course of my travels in Asia, I will be sending back electronic postcards. Short postings from the road, with stories, thoughts and ideas about Asia, life and the world. They will be mailed out on this electronic mailing list.

So, my current plan looks something like this. I will be making my way to California by way of Spokane, Washington, then leaving for India around the middle of November. I think that I will spend a couple months in Bodhgaya, located in the Indian state of Bihar. This is the location where the Buddha gained enlightenment about 2500 years ago. After that, there is some chance that I may head north across the Himalaya to Lhasa, Tibet for a month or two during January and February. By mid-April I will be meeting a few friends in Northern Pakistan for a five month bicycle journey through Northern Pakistan, far Western China, across Western Tibet, and finally to Kathmandu, Nepal. By the Spring of 1998 a web page will be posted containing more details of this bicycle trip, along with postings from the road. The exact web page address will be sent out on this mailing list some time next year. For anyone that did not catch the last Tibetan bicycle trip in the Fall of 1996 the old web page is still there at http://www.kreisels.com/tibet96

If you want to find out a little about where I will be staying, check out the Root Institute web page, at http://www.rootinstitute.com

I hope that everyone is well,


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