Tibetan prayer flag
The Endless Sky Trip -- Cycling the Himalaya cycling in western Tibet

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Photo Gallery 1 (Gilget, Pakistan and northward on the Karakoram Highway)

Photo Gallery 2 (Karakoram Highway to Kashgar. Xinjiang, China)

Photo Gallery 3 (Kashgar. Xinjiang, China to Mazar, Xinjiang, China)

Photo Gallery 4 (Xiadula, Xinjiang, China to Askin Chin, Xinjiang, China)

Photo Gallery 5 (Askin Chin, Xinjiang, China to Rutog, Tibet)

Photo Gallery 6 (Far Western Tibet to Tholing, Tibet)

Photo Gallery 7 (Mt. Kailash, Tibet to Zhongba, Tibet)

Photo Gallery 8 (Saga, Tibet to Tingri, Tibet)

Photo Gallery 9 (Tingri, Tibet to Kodari, Nepal)

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