A Different Kind of Freedom A Different Kind of Freedom: A 3300 Mile Solo Bicycle Trip Across Tibet Tibetan Nomads in Western Tibet

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Table of Contents

 Summary of the Story

Chapter 1: Flying Home

Chapter 2: Returning to China

Chapter 3: Signs of Tibet

Chapter 4: Tibet

Chapter 5: Someone to Ride With

Chapter 6: Jungle in Tibet?

Chapter 7: A Week From Lhasa

Chapter 8: Lhasa!

Chapter 9: On the Road Again

Chapter 10: The Road To Mt. Kailash

Chapter 11: Encounters with Dogs, Truck Drivers and a Cowboy

 Chapter 12: Holy Mt. Kailash and Sacred Lake Manasarovar

Chapter 13: At the Mountain

Chapter 14: Meeting Mr. Lee

Chapter 15: Leaving Tibet

Chapter 16: Entering the Mountains of Darkness

Chapter 17: Life in the Civilized World

Chapter 18: The Journey Home



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All images and text Copyright © 1996 Ray Kreisel