A Different Kind of Freedom A Different Kind of Freedom: A 3300 Mile Solo Bicycle Trip Across Tibet Tibetan Nomads in Western Tibet

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Reader Comments

"I must say that once i had started 'A Diferent Kind of Freedeom' i didn't drop it till i had read it to the end, it was all night, my eyes wore hurting from the monitor, really bad, but it was worth of it!!!"
-igor ralic

"I finished reading your book A Different Kind of Freedom a few minutes ago and wanted to tell you how fascinating and inspiring it was to me. I feel fortunate that I found it more or less by accident on the Web."
-Mike Abrahams

"I just finished reading about your epic journey. Quite a trip!"
-Rich Haubert

WebExpeditions.net says "one of best overland expedition web sites on the Net"

"I came across your book "A Different Kind of Freedom" over the internet..., I could not put it down then, and I finished it last night. Very attractive and exciting description and I really like it."
-Yu Wei

"i just finished reading your 'a different kind of freedom'... it´s quite difficult to explain what i am feeling but one thing for sure: i can imagine your experience, your feelings your thought you´ve written down in your superb report.
My cycling experiences in tibet have changed my life, so to say. they have relativated things in my life, what´s important and what is ridiculous compared to the basic rules of most people living on this planet. sometimes i feel like an outsider in my own world. writings like yours give me positive feelings, the thought that there are people who are thinking quite the way i do."
-uli sertl

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your account of your bike trip from Yunnan to Kashgar. It was beautifully written and at a time when my mind is probably not at its best (two weeks after the World Trade Center attack), I found myself enthralled and calmed by the passing landscape through the vicarious experience of traveling with you across Tibet.

thanks so much for taking the time to write such a
wonderful, honest account of your experience. It made
me homesick for Tibet ..."
-Stirling Davenport




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