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The songs of the great yogi, Milarepa, have been treasured and sung by Tibetans for eight centuries. They express his own spiritual realizations and were sung to inspire and teach others Buddhism's deepest insights in poetical form.

Geshe Ngawang Jinpa, also known as Khen Rinpoche, learned these songs of Milarepa while he was a young man in Tibet. The first song In Praise of Milarepa is a song that Khen Rinpoche himself wrote. It tells of the deeds of Milarepa's life and sings his praises. The remaining four songs were sung by Milarepa centuries before and have been handed down by generations of Tibetans.

A first attempt at making this CD was was made in Rinpoche's living room in Darjeeling, India. The songs were recorded on a small lapel-style microphone directly onto a laptop computer. After finding a few problems, we decided to record the CD all over again at Rhythm Digital Audio Station in Darjeeling, India where it was recorded on November 23, 2003.

When Rinpoche heard the first version of the CD that we made, he was overfilled with joy. It had been more than four decades since he has heard these songs sung aloud. We hope that you find them of some interest.


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