The East Baray. 

Angor Wat

Bayon. The juggle is claiming this Hindu temple slowly....

The temple in the juggle

Relief on the wall of Angkor Wat.

On my last couple of days, I rent a bike and rode out to the country side. It turns out to be my most enjoyable time in Siem Reap. Only then did I
start to sense the spirit of the people. It's hard to put those feeling to words. People are so calm that it's impossible to think this was the killing field.

The home of IKTT(Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles). Mr. Morimoto founded IKTT in mid 90th after studying Thai silk for 15 years
in Thailand. He discovered the Khmer silk from the refugees during the killing field years. He was so impressed the richness of  the Khmer
silk, he wants to know everything about it. He left Thailand and he spent his early days in the rural Cambodia to collect the disappearing
Khmer silk pattern, traditional loom, weaving and dyeing technique. His IKTT now has 40 students(most of them orphan) and produces
some of the most beautiful silk.   More Info

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