It's hard to describe Angkor Wat. Its ruins are exquisite,
its people are innocent yet tragic. It brought back
so much childhood memories while growing up near the Yellow River. 

Angkor Wat

The Chinese on Angkor Thom's relief. The Chinese labor and artists helped built Angor Wat. Currently the PRC along with other
countries such as Japan, Germany, France is helping to restore some of the ruins-one of the first ever UN heritage program PRC involves in.

The large Buddha face in Angkor Thom.

The front view of Angkor Wat. The Angkor Wat originally was a Hindu temple (or a tomb) built around 12th century. 

The front entry of Angkor Wat. 

The original support lumber have all long gone. Only the stones left pile on top of each other. 

The outer wall of Angkor Wat. Every inch of the stone surface is covered by relief and intricate patterns.

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