Step 1: While the cursor is on the Windows desktop screen click the right mouse button and select the "Properties" menu item.
Step 2: From the "Display Properties" window select the "Settings" tab.
Step 3: In the lower right of the Display Properties" settings tab, your screen size will be written. It should either be:
"800 by 600 pixels" or "1024 by 768 pixels" Make a note of your screen size.
Step 4: Go to the Himalayan Wallpaper web page:

Step 5: Then select one of the Himalayan regions from the menu bar, for example click on Tibet Select an image from the ones displayed to make into you new wallpaper. Click on either 800x600 or 1024x768 according to your screen size.
Step 6: The new wallpaper image will be displayed in a new browser window.
Step 7: Click the right mouse button while the cursor is over the new wallpaper image. From the menu select "Set as Wallpaper".
Step 8: Now you should have a new desktop wallpaper image.