A few pictures from my trip to China - July/August 2006


Supermarket in Beijing (Several bags of groceries - $8)


Fruit and vegetable market (2 carrots, 5 potatoes, 2 green peppers, 2 onions - $1)


Subway station


Ray & Vivi buying subway tickets for our trip to The Forbidden City

Darlene and Vivi in the subway station waiting for the next train

Darlene & Ray on the subway

Ray & Vivi in Tiananmen subway station

Tiananmen Square




Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

Chairman Mao and the entrance to The Forbidden City

Translation of Chinese Characters - Long Live the People's Republic of China!

Long live all of the people of the world union!

Chairman Mao getting closer

Symbol of Royal Place

A lion protecting The Forbidden City from ghosts or other evil that may try to enter

Darlene and Chairman Mao

Darlene and Chairman Mao

Inside The Forbidden City

Yet another gate to pass through in The Forbidden City

Inside The Forbidden City

Another gate in The Forbidden City

Ray & Vivi taking a rest inside The Forbidden City

Darlene inside The Forbidden City making a typical Chinese picture pose

Darlene and Vivi making another typical Chinese picture pose inside The Forbidden City

All of the animals on the tiled roofs are said to have been protectors of the Emperor who lived

in The Forbidden City

Inside a garden in The Forbidden City

Some things are lost in Translation

A map of the West Wing of The Forbidden City. The palaces housed 9,999.5 rooms and employed thousands and thousands of Chinese people.

All of the men who served the Emperor were castrated in order to preseve the Emperor's power.

(I wish everyone would move out of the way so that I can get a clear picture!)

Xianfugong Hall

Ray and Vivi doing classic Chinese picture poses in The Forbidden City

Picture of the ceiling inside one of the MANY palaces

The ceilings were elaborately carved and painted. (The pictures do not capture the true beauty)

Little Chinese Boy

The Forbidden City

Hou Hai - South Luogu Alley - a little shopping area in Bejing


A backpacker hangout - Pass By Bar - in Hou Hai. Ray's friend from Tibet - Xiao Bian - is the owner.

A quote from Bian - "He who drinks gets drunk, He who gets drunk goes to sleep,

He who sleeps does not sin, He who does not sin goes to Paradise, so

Let's all drink and go to Paradise."

Ray, Darlene, and Vivi at Pass By Bar after a lunch of some very yummy pizza.

The wall of books behind us in the picture are all American books

which are very difficult to come by in China.

A street with many shops and if you look closely, you will see a foreign couple.

Much to my surprise, foreigners are not very common in Beijing, or maybe

they just blend into the 18 million Chinese already living in Beijing!

A typical street vendor


Photos from Beijing, China (part 2)