My Favorite Webpages

The ultimate neighborhood bar in Federal Hill! The Vine now inhabits a spot previously occupied by The Victory Tavern. I didn't happen to frequent The Victory, but the stories around town were that this wasn't the type of bar that most people I know would have wanted to stop by. The Victory was renovated in thirty days to make way for The Vine in one of the quickest renovations aimed at giving neighborhood patrons a place to go without having to walk the 4+ blocks down to the Federal Hill bar district. The Vine features a fun wine tasting event each week - Winesday - where they feature a different region and offer 5 or 6 tastings for a nominal fee of $5. The Vine is stocked full of wines from "different" regions of the world and almost all boast low carry out prices of well under $15. I have been introduced to some of my favorite wines here like the Budini Malbec and the Cline Zinfandel among many, many others. 1500 S. Hanover Street. Baltimore, MD 21230. Stop by on a Winesday, and you might find me there!

For all of your real estate needs, this is THE premier real estate company in Federal Hill. Partnered with Hawkeye Construction, Inc., Green Door Properties turns around some of the most exciting and gorgeous town homes in the Baltimore area. The company is small enough to pay attention to the details that slip away from some of the larger real estate companies, but it is big enough to accommodate the STILL growing demand for luxury rehabs and luxury new construction town homes and condos in and around the Federal Hill area. If you are moving into or out of town, this is the company to contact for your selling/listing, buying, and renting needs. Green Door Properties is also involved in total historic preservation for properties as well as commercial real estate rehab, development, and leasing.

The website really does speak for itself. If you can spare the few moments it will take to read a few letters or download a few of the newsclips that PfP has been featured in, you will come away with a deep appreciation for what an amazing group of people have been choosing to do with their time, energy, and money. I have personally met some of the key players that lead the charge for this organization, and I am touched every time I meet up with them with their passion, determination, drive and charisma. Instead of complaining about what's wrong with the world, PfP has taken proactive steps to insure that we are all not just slaves to our history. Through basketball, they have been uniting and educating children of the world to become more compassionate people. PfP has taken charge of our future, and if what they have accomplished so far is any measure of what is to come, I am looking forward to seeing who some of these young children will grow up to be.

Susannah is a very talented photographer! Her work is stunning in its simplicity. Art is a subjective appreciation, so I will not try to impose what I see on you, but if you like what you see, then pass it on.

It's my family! My brothers - Ray & Glenn, my sister - Karen, and my niece Wren! I talk about them all of the time, but it's fun for you to see the pictures and read up on what everyone is up to. Where in the world IS Ray? What new product(s) has Glenn come up with or what new company has he started? What new project is Karen involved in? KK is building yet ANOTHER house in CA. I can't brag enough about all of them! I live vicariously through all of their adventures! I am sure you will find their stories just as exciting as I do!